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Stellar Airpark

Chandler, AZ

no contact info

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Updated 8/19/2008

Stellar Airpark is located in Chandler, Arizona, with its main entrance along Stellar Parkway. From PHX take I-10 East to Chandler Blvd. East. Drive east several miles to Stellar Parkway. The entrance is on the south side of Chandler Blvd. There is no contact information available for this airport community.

Stellar Airpark is a residential community located 18 miles Southeast of Phoenix. The community has an airstrip within it and some of the home lots have runway access and attached hangers. Some businesses are located to the East of the runway, and have runway access. Rotorway International builds light helicopters here (go to the Rotorway web site by clicking on the image below). This airport is home to many light aircraft. Another Airpark in the Phoenix area is the Skyranch at Carefree, located North of Phoenix in Carefree, Arizona.

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Stellar Airpark Aviation Businesses

Rotorway Helicopters
phone #(480)-961-1001


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