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Farwest and Biegert Aviation aircraft

Memorial Airport

22000 S.Old
Price Road

Chandler, AZ

Updated 9/15/2011

Most of the airframes at the Chandler Memorial Airfield have been moved or scrapped in preparations for developing a new general aviation airport at that site.

Chandler Memorial Airport is located 14 miles southeast of Phoenix. From PHX take I-10 East to Queen Creek Road East to Old Price Road. Drive South on Old Price Road (unpaved) past the Chandler Water Reclamation Facility to the airport entrance. This is not a public airfield and sees very limited use.

Chandler Memorial Airport consists of two gravel runways. The entrance road actually runs on a portion of the runway. Aircraft depart this airfield very infrequently, however, caution should be used around the airfield. The airport is somewhat difficult to locate, and is located in an open desert area among farm fields. Several avaition related businesses have been at Chandler Memorial.  Biegert Aviation had many aircraft parked on the airfield, but may be scrapped now. FarWest Airlines had maintained a hanger there as well.


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