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Map of Phoenix Sky Harbor

Finding your way around the airport

(Airlane Road is now closed between 41st Street and 44th Street)
(Highway AZ 153 now renamed 44th Street-no access to Airlane)

The Terminal Parking Garages (fee) are a great place for observing and photographing. T2 offers views of the north runway, we especially like the T3 garage for viewing all the runways. T4's garage offers more limited viewing of the runways. Parking at the terminal garages is presently $1.00 per 15 minutes, with a maximum daily fee of $25. Check out our PHX Maplinks page for an overall view of the airport and locations for spotting around the airport.

(map not to scale!!)

Abbreviations on the map:

ARFF = Fire Dept. Stations


= Control Tower/TRACON

AAL = American Maintenance Hangar

SWA = Southwest Maintenance Hangar

MESA= Mesa Airlines Maintenance Hangar

T2,T3,T4 = Airport Terminals

emp.park.= employee parking lot

U.S.A.N.G. = Air National Guard Ramp


= Cell Phone lot


 = Future Taxiway C

Exec.= Executive Ramp & Police Dept.
(city of Phoenix)


 Click on image above for our
PHX photo map with links
to airport sites and spotting points

Did you Know?......................
Old Tower road is named for the previous PHX control tower.
It was moved to the present site on Cutter Aviation property in April 1985.

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