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Click on the links below to download our free Excel Spreadsheet copies
of some of the aircraft that have passed through the GYR Airport:

Updated 07/07/16--Updated 2016 spreadsheet
Updated 12/06/15--Updated 2015 spreadsheet
Updated 12/29/14--Updated 2014 spreadsheet

*All of the downloads below are listed here by year*
(It may be easier to right click the links below and save the files to disk)

GYR 2001 Spreadsheet

GYR 2002 Spreadsheet

GYR 2003 Spreadsheet

GYR 2004 Spreadsheet

GYR 2005 Spreadsheet

GYR 2006 Spreadsheet

GYR 2007 Spreadsheet

GYR 2008 Spreadsheet

GYR 2009 Spreadsheet GYR 2010 Spreadsheet GYR 2011 Spreadsheet GYR 2012 Spreadsheet
GYR 2013 SpreadsheetGYR 2014 SpreadsheetGYR 2015 SpreadsheetGYR 2016 Spreadsheet

(Click on Map for a full size view)
Red box indicates field for stored aircraft.
Yellow box indicates AeroTurbine Ramp.

(Click on Map for a Acrobat .PDF full size view)
Maps along with more info can be found at:

Spreadsheets were created with Office XP and may only work with this software.
Many newer browers do allow you to open these spreadsheets in a new window.

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