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Glendale Airport

6801 N. Glen Harbor Blvd.

Glendale, AZ


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Updated 9/15/2011

Glendale Municipal Airport is located in Glendale, Arizona, about 11 miles West of Phoenix. From PHX take I-10 West to Loop 101 North to Glendale Road West. Drive about a mile West to the airport entrance. Or, take I-10 West to I-17 North to Glendale Road West. Drive West several miles to the airport entrance.

Glendale Airport is home to numerous light aircraft and several aviation related businesses. The airport is several miles East of  Luke Air Force Base, whose aircraft can be seen nearby on occasion. There are no scheduled services available at Glendale, however small charters are available.  Click on the Cessna image below for the LUX Air Glendale website.

Glendale Airport has hosted several air show events. The Thunderbird Hot Air Balloon Classic has been held on the airfield in previous years, but was recently moved to the Goodyear Airport.

Another airport that is close to the Glendale Aiport is Luke Air Force Base.  Luke does have occasional air shows including their semi-annual Luke Days Air Show which is usually held in March.  You can view some of our photos from this air show by clicking on the following link: Luke Days .

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Glendale Airport Aviation Businesses

Airwest Helicopters
phone #(623)-516-2790

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