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Raising the Flag

Goodyear Balloon &
Air Spectacular Photos

(Photos Taken at Goodyear Airport, October 2006)

Updated 11/27/06
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Soaring Home

Cold Air Inflation

Balloons Inflating

Goodyear Balloon

Coming Down

Lockheed P-38J Lightening

B-25 Mitchell

Nanchang CJ-6A's

B-17G and MK-1X


T-37B Tweety Bird

Cessna 182R


AT-6 Texans

F-16 Viper

F-16 and F-86 (2 Photos)

Mig 17

Blue Angels C-130 (4 Photos)

Two in Formation (2 Photos)

Four in Formation

All Together

A view of the hot air balloons leaving the field at the Goodyear Balloon and Air Spectacular on October 21, 2006.

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