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Resident Boeing 720B

at PHX

updated 6/08

 On Taxiway Tango to the Honeywell ramp, N720H is seen in December 2007, its last month of operation.
 This aircraft has been replaced at PHX by a Boeing 757.

Once often seen at Honeywell on the north side of PHX, N720H, a Boeing 720B, called PHX home.
Seen above landing on Runway 26, October 2001, N720H carries Honeywell titles and an AS 900 engine.

Seen below left at Williams Gateway Airport with Allied Signal titles during an airshow in March 1997.
A Honeywell (no titles at this time) aircraft, N720GT crosses taxiway Tango in January 2000, below right.

 N720H being broken up on the PHX Honeywell ramp / June 21, 2008

 The power plants for N720H prepare to depart PHX one last time on a flatbed truck

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