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Lockheed C-130 Photos
at PHX

PHX Sky Harbor has seen many military aircraft pass
through over the years.  This page shows various Lockheed
C-130 aircraft that have visited PHX from different air bases
around the country and world.
Updated 10/28/14--Added Fuerza Aerea de Chile Photos
Updated 7/25/13--Added National Science Foundation and Illinois Air Guard Photos

Click on a photo below for a larger image...

California ANG (2 Photos)

Georgia Air Guard

Kentucky Air Guard

Maryland Air Gaurd

Minnesota Air Guard

Nevada Air Guard

Ohio Air Guard

Oklahoma Air Guard

South Carolina Air Guard

Tennessee Air Guard

West Virginia Air Guard

U.S. Marines "Fat Albert"

USAF  03-8154

Royal Air Force


USAF (Maxwell AFB)

U.S. Marines

Texas Air Guard

USAF 96-8153

Raiders VMGR-352 (Marines)


National Science Foundation

Illinois ANG (2 photos)

Fuerza Aerea de Chile

Georgia Air National Guard C-130 '00323' lifting off of 7L with two AZANG KC-135 tankers in the background.

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