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PHX Past
Aerial Firefighting Tankers

at PHX (Page 2)

Added 01/25/04

Several companies flew air tankers from PHX during the wildfire season in Arizona. The U.S.
Forest Service maintained a base at the Cutter ramp, on the South side of the airport, where
the aircraft could be seen from Old Tower Road.   During the fire season, one tanker was usually
based at PHX, and others used the airport in response to nearby wildfires. The Forest Service
calls in the tankers to fight fires in difficult to reach areas of the State, usually during the
warmer months.  Luckily, in some years these aircraft have seen limited use.
Yet, when they were here, they made an interesting addition to Sky Harbor's aircraft traffic.
In 2001 the Fire Tanker Base at PHX was moved to Globe, AZ (P13).

Click on a photo below to view a larger image of the aircraft...

Hawkins & Powers Aviation's
Tanker Aircraft at PHX

Enthusiast website:  Hawkins and Powers

Tanker 130 (N130HP)

 Tanker 131 (N131HP)

Tanker 139 (N139HP)

Tanker 140 (N140HP)

Black Hills Aviation/Neptune's
Tanker Aircraft at PHX

Official website:  Neptune Aviation

Tanker 05 (N96278)

Tanker 06 (N9855F)

Tanker 07 (N1386K)

Tanker 08 (N14835)

Tanker 09 (N4235T)

Tanker 10 (N4235N)

Tanker 11 (N14447)

Tanker 12 (N96264)

Minden Air Corp.'s
Tanker Aircraft at PHX

BLM's (Bureau of Land Management)
Aircraft at PHX

Tanker 99 (N299MA)


USANG Tanker Aircraft at PHX

USFS Aircraft at PHX

USANG C-130 Tankers


 Lockheed P-3, Tanker 00 departs on another mission...


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