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America West's

Added 3/16/03

N635AW served with America West for several years,
before an unfortunate accident on August 28, 2002, in
which the aircraft veered off Runway 8 on landing.
The nose gear was torn off and the aircraft skidded
to stop between the runway and Taxiway Bravo.
Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in this incident,
with the exception of the aircraft itself.  Forced with
the high cost of repairs, it was determined that
N635AW would have to be broken up and
scrapped.  The aircraft remained parked at the
company hanger for a few months until a contractor
was brought in to gradually part out the aircraft in
February 2003.  The fuselage was then trucked
away on March 10, 2003.

Pushing back from
Terminal 4 (July 2001)

on 8/28/02

Surrounded by Fire Trucks
and Equipment on 8/28/02

Parting out begins
(photo 2/8/03)

Tail Section Removed
(photo 2/18/03)

Wings and Rear Section
Removed (photo 2/23/03)

Loading Parts on Flatbed
(photo 3/1/03)

Fuselage Dumped on its Belly
(photo 3/1/03)

Loaded on the Trailer
(photo 3/7/03)

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