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PHX Sky Harbor
from above

Click on a  numbered portion of the image to find key airport areas
and plane spotting / photographing areas (underlined text)
Some numbers in image are street references only and do not link.
Due to ongoing airport construction, some of these areas
may become limited in access or eliminated completely
(photo taken from an America West Express CRJ-200-November 2005)

*Due to heightened security at Sky Harbor, many areas listed below may now be off limits.*
the areas marked with an asterisk*
are now considered off limits-use your own judgment with these areas
Airlane Road closed between 41st Street and 44th Street / no access to the area northeast of the airport

Parking along Old Tower Road is now prohibited. / The Left Seat Balcony is fenced off.
/ Spotting on the Cutter Balcony is now unwelcome
the end of 40th Street now has  the Rio Salado Pathway open to the public

(Aerial Map)


 V South

1. Runway 7L/25R:
This runway was 8R/26L until the newest runway was opened just South of it on October 5, 2000. Aircraft can be seen / photographed on this runway from the parking structures (fee) at terminals 3 and 4. Aircraft can be seen from Old Tower Road, but there is no longer any parking available along this roadway. The (1a) East Economy Parking lot (fee) could be used also. It is located almost directly under the approach end of runway 25R.
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2. Runway 8/26:
Aircraft can be seen / photographed on this runway from the parking structures (fee) at terminals 3 and 4. Other locations for this runway include the (2a) Left Seat Restaurant (deck closed-restaurant closed for business/moved to Glendale*), located at the Northwest corner of the airport. When 26 is in use, (2b) several dirt fields at the end of Runway 26, along Airlane Road at the northeast corner of the airport and  (2c) a field* directly under the approach end of runway 26 (now closed) are no longer accessible.
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3. Runway 7R/25L:

This runway was opened on October 5, 2000. The smallest of Sky Harbor's runways, it is intended to be used primarily for landings and lighter aircraft.  Aircraft can be observed and photographed on this runway from Old Tower Road. (No stopping allowed!*) The sidewalk along 24th Street offers views as well, but you must walk to this location. Aircraft landing on runway 25L may be seen and photographed off the airport at a location at the end of 40th Street (Rio Salado Pathway now open). You can reach this location  by heading east out of the airport and turning south on AZ 44th Street (formerly AZ 153). Turn right and head west on University Drive, then right and head north on 40th Street (no official parking). The road ends at the Salt River (normally dry).

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4. Terminal 2:

(closed and demolished)
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5. Terminal 3:

Terminal 3's parking structure (fee) is located above the terminal itself. It offers excellent views of all the runways. Taxiways Tango and Sierra can be seen quite well from here. Most of Terminal 3's gates can be easily seen. A limited number of Terminal 4's gates can be seen from here as well. With its central location, this is probably the best overall on-airport spotting point at PHX. The ATC tower can be seen on the east end of Terminal 3.
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6. Terminal 4:

Terminal 4's parking structure (fee) is located above the terminal itself. Views of all the runways can be had from here. Most of Terminal 4's gates and a limited number of Terminal 3's east side gates can be seen here as well.
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7. American Hangar:

Aircraft at this ramp can best be seen off the airport from the Northeast end of the field. There is a no-outlet road* to the east of the hangar which allows you to get close to aircraft landing on runway 26. Aircraft on Taxiway Romeo and at Terminal 4's easternmost gates can be seen from the roadway which runs between the American and Southwest hangars. Use caution here now too!
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8. Southwest Hangar:

Aircraft at this ramp are difficult to see. The only decent locations might be inside the East Economy Parking Lot (fee) or across the river at the end of 40th Street*, off the airport.
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9. Taxiways Tango / Sierra:

Taxiway Tango and Sierra provide aircraft a means to crossover from the North or South side of the airport. Aircraft on these taxiways can be seen / photographed from the parking structures (fee) at Terminal 3 or 4.
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10. East Cargo Ramp:

Various cargo aircraft can be seen here. A variety of airfreight companies use this ramp as well as some transient aircraft. Many of the freight aircraft that can only be seen at PHX on occasion will be seen here. This ramp can be difficult to see and may best be seen from the Terminal 3 Skytrain station or Old Tower Raoad.
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11. West Cargo Ramp:

This ramp is used mainly by the smaller cargo airlines, although you may find other aircraft here as well. The best area to see this ramp is off the airport along Old Tower Road* (at a distance) or along the old 24th Street (renamed Copperhead)*.
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12. Cutter Ramp:

The Cutter Aviation Ramp can be seen from Old Tower Road, just south of the airport. This road has no outlet or airport access. Various aircraft can be seen here, business aircraft, air ambulance and general aviation along with an occasional larger charter aircraft. Aircraft can be seen on this ramp from the adjacent Jackson Jet parking lot (limited view/private property*).
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13. Swift Ramp: (renmed Jackson Jet Center in 2022) 

Samaritan Air Evac and other medical operations are found on this FBO ramp. Look for general aviation, business aircraft, air ambulances, charters, and sports charter aircraft of various types on the Swift ramp. View this ramp from the adjacent parking lot (private property*).
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14. USANG/South Cargo:

The (14a) U.S. Air National Guard Ramp is home to the 161st Air Refueling Wing. The KC-135's and occasionally other military aircraft can best be seen from Terminal 3. The ANG ramp is east of  the South Cargo ramp. The (14b) South Cargo complex is in this area as well. FedEx and UPS are located here. The cargo ramp can be seen from Old Tower Road.        
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15. General Aviation:

General aviation tie-downs and some private hangars can be found in this area. SRP and the State of Arizona aircraft can be found here. View aircraft in this area from Airlane Road, just north of the airport.
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16. Honeywell:

Honeywell is home to the Garrett Turbine Division. The ramp for this company can best be seen from Terminal's 3 or 4. Look for the Honeywell Boeing 757 (N757HW), and occasionally other small aircraft here. APU's and aircraft engines are produced at this facility.                          
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17. Private Hangars:

There are several private hangars in this area, maintained by several different companies.  Mesa Airlines now occupies the old U.S. Customs hangar. Usually what little activity is here can best be seen from Terminal's 3 or 4 or along Airlane Road.              
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18. Executive Terminal:

The airports Executive Terminal Ramp is located just south of and near the middle of Runway 8/26. It has seen limited use (if any!) as of late, mainly Fiesta Bowl charters and VIP aircraft. The Executive Terminal Building is now used by the Phoenix Police.
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