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2017 Aircraft Movements at (IWA/AZA)
Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

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(formerly Williams Gateway airport)

Aug12,17MitsubishiMRJ-90JA24MJU V Air ramp / MWH-IWA / test aircraft
Aug03,17BoeingBoeing 737-8 MaxN8703Jflt#BOE3 ROW-IWA-ROW / test aircraft
July28,17EmbraerE190 (E2)PR-ZEYU V Air ramp / FLL-IWA / test aircraft
July16,17Omni Air InternationalBoeing 767-200N225AXDOJ ramp / flt#OAE461 DFW-IWA-HNL-PGUM (reported)
DOJ ramp / flt#OAE461 PGUM-IWA-DFW on 7/19/17 (reported)
June29,17Elite AirwaysCRJ-700N24EAflt#MNU750 TUS-IWA / MNU701 IWA-IFP
June29,1710 Tanker Air CarrierDouglas DC-10-30N612AXUSFS ramp / Tanker 910
June23,17Grey Hills AviationRockwell 690BN586DVUSFS ramp
June23,17Bode AviationBeech C90N249CPUSFS ramp
June17,17Sierra PacificBoeing 737-200N703Sflt#SPA703 BOI-IWA-BOI (reported)
June16,1710 Tanker Air CarrierDouglas DC-10-30N17085USFS ramp / Tanker 911
June13,17Omni Air InternationalBoeing 767-200N207AXDOJ ramp / flt#OAE344 DFW-IWA-BGR-DGAA (reported)
DOJ ramp / flt#OAE344 GOOY-IWA-DFW on 6/15/17 (reported)
June12,17Columbia HelicoptersBoeing CH47DN471CHU V Air ramp
June10,17Neptune AviationBae 146-200N475NAUSFS ramp / Tanker 03
June10,17Coulson Air TankerLockheed EC130QN130FFUSFS ramp / Tanker 131
June09,17AllegiantAirbus A319N309NVnew aircraft / flt#AAY9309 OKC-IWA on 6/08/17
June09,17Tianjin AirlinesEmbraer E145N152ECEmbraer ramp / flt#N152EC UHMA-ANC-BFI-IWA on 6/07/17
June09,17Tianjin AirlinesEmbraer E145N193ECnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 2/24/17 BFI-IWA
June09,17Delta ConnectionEmbraer E145N573RPnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 1/14 BNA-IWA
June09,17Delta ConnectionEmbraer E145N574RPnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 1/15 BNA-IWA
June09,17Delta ConnectionEmbraer E145N257JQnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 1/12 BNA-IWA
June09,17Shuttle AmericaEmbraer E145N284SKnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 10/8/16 AMA-IWA
June09,17Tianjin AirlinesEmbraer E145N181ECnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 11/1/16 BFI-IWA
June09,17Tianjin AirlinesEmbraer E145N191ECnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 12/20/16 BFI-IWA
June09,17Delta ConnectionEmbraer E145N579RPnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 1/13 BNA-IWA
June09,17Tianjin AirlinesEmbraer E145N650ECnear Terminal ramp / arrived as reg 3/16 IGM-IWA
June09,17U S NavyLockheed C-130162310U V Air ramp
June09,17Safford Aviation ServiceBeech C90AN261GBUSFS ramp
June03,17AllegiantAirbus A320N233NVnew aircraft / flt#AAY9233 GYR-IWA
May28,17Elite AirwaysCRJ-700N78EAflt#MNU750 TUS-IWA / MNU701 IWA-IFP
May28,17Volga-dneprAntonov An124RA-82074flt#VDA2173 PAE-IWA on 5/27/17 / VDA8034 IWA-YWG
parked on Taxiway Charlie
May28,17Neptune AviationLockheed P2V-5FN410NAUSFS ramp / Tanker 14
May28,17Coulson Air TankerLockheed EC130QN130FFUSFS ramp / Tanker 131
May28,1710 Tanker Air CarrierDouglas DC-10-30N522AXUSFS ramp / Tanker 912
May27,17Omni Air InternationalBoeing 767-200N225AXDOJ ramp / flt#OAE323 GOOY-IWA-DFW (reported)
Apr05,17Aero-Flite IncBae 146N374ACUSFS ramp / Tanker 164
Apr05,17Swift AirBoeing 737-300N529AUnew aircraft / flt#RPN529 MSLP-IWA / DOJ ramp
Mar25,17Elite AirwaysCRJ-700N78EAflt#MNU751 IWA-TUS (MNU701 TUS-IFP)
Mar08,17Volga-dneprAntonov An124RA-82046flt#VDA2066 AVV-HNL-IWA
parked on Taxiway Charlie
Mar06,17Omni Air InternationalBoeing 767-200N225AXDOJ ramp / flt#OAE301 GOOY-IWA-DFW
Feb19,17BombardierBombardier CS100C-GWYDMCI-IWA / parked on the UV Air ramp
Feb18,17Volga-dneprAntonov An124RA-82046flt#VDA2079 PAE-IWA / departed 2/20/17 as VDA2064 IWA-HNL-AVV
parked on Taxiway Charlie
Feb17,17AllegiantAirbus A319N336NVnew aircraft / flt#AAY9336 GYR-IWA
Feb13,17Swift AirBoeing 737-400N438USnew aircraft / flt#SWQ9746 MIA-IWA / DOJ ramp
Jan22.17AllegiantAirbus A319N329NVnew aircraft / flt#AAY9329 IND-IWA (reported)
Jan19,17 Westjet Boeing 737-800 C-GWSV YYC-IWA first Westjet IWA service (reported)
Jan08,17 JetsuiteX Embraer E135 N254JX flt#JSX254 BUR-IWA (reported)

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