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2016 Aircraft Movements at (IWA/AZA)
Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

Click here for 2016 Charters/Interesting Aircraft at Phoenix and Goodyear Airport
(during each month) January / April / May / June / July / October

(formerly Williams Gateway airport)
Dates and Reg#'s marked in Red indicate current aircraft as of 10/29/16
Page TopOctober 2016
Oct29,16BombardierCS100C-GWYDParked on the UV Air ramp
Oct29,16Air Evac LifeTeamBell 206L-4N438AEParked on trailer on the Able ramp
Oct29,16Shuttle AmericaERJ-145N282SKEmbraer hangar / Delta Connection c/s
Oct29,16Shuttle AmericaERJ-145N566RPEmbraer ramp / Delta Connection c/s
Oct29,16Shuttle AmericaERJ-145N283SKEmbraer ramp / Delta Connection c/s
Oct29,16Shuttle AmericaERJ-145N285SKNear Embraer ramp / United Express c/s
Oct29,16Chautaqua AirlinesERJ-145N264SKNear Embraer ramp / a/w-blue tail
Oct29,16Swift AirBoeing 737-400N420USn/c / DOJ ramp / Flt# RPN420 IWA-YKM
Oct29,16Swift AirBoeing 737-400N418USa/w / DOJ ramp
Oct29,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N331NVTerminal ramp / New aircraft-in service
Oct29,16Allegiant AirMD-83N877GATerminal ramp
Oct29,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N302NVTerminal ramp
Oct29,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N325NVTerminal ramp
Oct29,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN118TGIAR ramp
Oct11,16Chautaqua AirlinesERJ-145N285SKUnited Express c/s / Embraer ramp / BNA-IWA 10/7/16
Oct11,16Shuttle AmericaERJ-145N264SKa/w-blue tail / Embraer ramp
Oct11,16Elite AirwaysCRJ-200N96EAUV Air ramp / Flt# MNU750 TUS-IWA / Flt# MNU701 IWA-IFP
Page TopJuly 2016
Jul10,16Neptune Aviation ServicesLockheed P2V-5N443NATanker 43 / USFS ramp
Jul10,16Bode Aviation IncBeech C90N249CPLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jul10,16Magic Leasing LLCBeech C90N261GBLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jul10,16Dalcam LLCEmbraer ERJ-135BJN912JCEmbraer ramp
Jul10,16ValeEmbraer ERJ-135LRPP-VVAEmbraer ramp
Jul10,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN120TGIAR ramp
Jul10,16Allegiant AirMD-83N424NVTerminal ramp
Jul10,16Allegiant AirMD-83N864GATerminal ramp
Page TopJune 2016
Jun21,16US MarinesLockheed KC-130TNY5316UV Air ramp
Jun21,16USFSCessna 550N144ZUV Air ramp
Jun21,16Dynamic Avlease IncCessna 525N10SLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jun21,16Bode Aviation IncBeech C90N249CPLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jun21,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N355ACTanker 162 / USFS ramp
Jun21,16Neptune Aviation ServicesBAe 146N470NATanker 40 / USFS ramp
Jun21,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N839ACTanker 160 / UV Air ramp
Jun21,1610 Tanker Air CarrierDC-10-30N17085Tanker 911 / USFS ramp
Jun21,16Allegiant AirMD-83N875GATerminal ramp
Jun21,16Allegiant AirMD-83N884GATerminal ramp
Jun21,16Allegiant AirMD-83N879GATerminal ramp
Jun21,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
Jun21,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N306NVTerminal ramp
Jun21,16ValeEmbraer ERJ-135LRPP-VVAEmbraer ramp
Jun21,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN120TGIAR ramp
Jun11,16BombardierBombardier CS300C-FFDOUV Air ramp
Jun09,16Coulson Air TankerLockheed L-100-30N405LCTanker 132 / UV Air Ramp
Jun09,1610 Tanker Air CarrierDC-10-30N612AXTanker 910 / USFS ramp
Jun09,1610 Tanker Air CarrierDC-10-30N17085Tanker 911 / Parked near Intel ramp
Jun09,16Tenax Aviation Services LLCBeech C90AN867PLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jun09,16Magic Leasing LLCBeech C90N261GBLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Jun09,16ValeEmbraer ERJ-135LRPP-VVAEmbraer ramp
Jun09,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN121TGIAR ramp
Jun09,16GMJ Air ShuttleEmbraer ERJ-145XRN286SJIntel ramp
Jun09,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N420USDOJ ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N328NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N306NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N305NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirMD-83N421NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N307NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirMD-83N424NVTerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
Jun09,16Allegiant AirMD-83N879GATerminal ramp
Page TopMay 2016
May31,16PrivateEmbraer EMB-135BJXA-KADEmbraer ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirMD-83N879GATerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirMD-83N423NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirMD-83N422NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N308NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N325NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N302NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N305NVTerminal ramp
May31,16Allegiant AirMD-83N412NVTerminal ramp
May31,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN121TGParked near Intel ramp / Oil Spill Response c/s
May31,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N354ACTanker 161 / USFS ramp
May31,16Dynamic Avlease Inc.Cessna 525N10RLead / USFS ramp
May31,16Tenax Aviation Services LLCBeech C90AN867PLead / USFS ramp
May31,16Safford Aviation Service Inc.Beech 58PN161ABLead / USFS ramp
May31,16Neptune Aviation ServicesLockheed P2V-5N1386CTanker 44 / USFS ramp
May31,16Neptune Aviation ServicesLockheed P2V-5N9855FTanker 06 / USFS ramp
May31,1610 Tanker Air CarrierDC-10-30N522AXTanker 912 / Parked near Intel ramp
May29,16Neptune Aviation ServicesLockheed P2V-5N1386CTanker 44 / UV Air ramp
May29,16Neptune Aviation Services Lockheed P2V-5N9855FTanker 06 / UV Air ramp
May29,1610 Tanker Air CarrierDC-10-30N522AXTanker 912 / USFS ramp
May29,16Safford Aviation Service Inc.Beech 58PN161ABLead / USFS ramp
May29,16Dynamic Avlease Inc.Cessna 525N10RLead / USFS ramp
May29,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N354ACTanker 161 / USFS ramp
May29,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N441USDOJ ramp
May29,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
May29,16Allegiant AirMD-83N879GATerminal ramp
May29,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N307NVTerminal ramp
May29,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN121TGParked near Intel ramp
May19,16PrivateEmbraer EMB-135BJXA-KADEmbraer ramp
May19,16World AtlanticMD-83N805WADOJ ramp
May19,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN120TGIAR ramp
May19,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN118TGIAR hangar
May19,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN121TGParked near Intel ramp
May19,16Dynamic Avlease Inc.Cessna 525N10RUSFS ramp / Lead aircraft
May19,16Safford Aviation Service Inc.Beech 58PN29CCUSFS ramp / Lead aircraft
May19,16Dynamic Avlease Inc.Beech E90N29MUSFS ramp / Lead aircraft
May19,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N354ACTanker 161 / UV Air ramp
May19,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N302NVTerminal ramp
May19,16Allegiant AirMD-83N423NVTerminal ramp
May19,16Allegiant AirMD-83N414NVTerminal ramp
May19,16Allegiant AirMD-83N422NVTerminal ramp
May19,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
Page TopApril 2016
Apr20,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N324NVnew aircraft - in service / Flt# AAY133 PVU-IWA / Terminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N311NVnew aircraft - in service / Terminal ramp
Apr20,16GMJ Air ShuttleEmbraer EMB-145XRN286DPIntel ramp / flt# HGT725 HIO-IWA
Apr20,16GMJ Air ShuttleEmbraer EMB-145XRN286CHIntel ramp / flt# HGT644 SJC-IWA
Apr20,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N354ACTanker 161 / UV Air ramp
Apr20,16ValeEmbraer ERJ-135LRPP-VVAEmbraer ramp
Apr20,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N418USa/w / DOJ ramp
Apr20,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N440USDOJ ramp
Apr20,16Tenax Aviation Services LLCBeech C-90AN145AFLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Apr20,16Safford Aviation Service Inc.Beech 58PN29CCLead aircraft / USFS ramp
Apr20,16Erickson Air CraneSikorsky S-64F SkycraneN237ACTanker 729 / "Sun Bird" / Covered hangar
Apr20,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN118TGIAR ramp
Apr20,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN131TGOil Spill Response c/s / IAR ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirMD-83N883GATerminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirMD-83N864GATerminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirMD-83N423NVTerminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirMD-83N876GATerminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N304NVTerminal ramp
Apr20,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N327NVParked by tower
Apr14,16AeroFliteAvro RJ85N354ACTanker 161 / USFS ramp
Apr14,16Omega TankerBoeing 707-300CN624RHUV Air ramp
Apr14,16Helicopter Transport ServicesSikorsky S-64F SkycraneN718HTTanker 718
Apr14,16Erickson Air CraneSikorsky S-64F SkycraneN237ACTanker 729 / Covered hangar
Apr14,16ValeEmbraer ERJ-135LRPP-VVAEmbraer ramp
Apr14,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N440USDOJ ramp
Apr14,16Swift Air LLCBoeing 737-400N418USa/w / DOJ ramp
Apr14,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN118TGIAR ramp
Apr14,16International Air ResponseLockheed C-130AN121TGOil Spill Response c/s / IAR ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N303NVTerminal ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirMD-83N423NVTerminal ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirAirbus A319N327NVTerminal ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirMD-83N427NVTerminal ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirMD-83N876GATerminal ramp
Apr14,16Allegiant AirMD-83N406NVTerminal ramp
Page Top January 2016
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air Boeing 757-200 N903NV Terminal ramp / Bowl charter / Flt#4411 LAS-IWA / Flt# AAY4412 IWA-GSP
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air MD-83 N872GA Terminal ramp / Bowl charter / Flt# AAY4409 IWA-GSP
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air MD-83 N425NV Terminal ramp / Bowl charter / Flt# AAY4101 IWA-BHM
Jan12,16 Erickson Air Crane Sikorsky S-64F Skycrane N237AC Covered hangar near Intel ramp / "Sun Bird"
Jan12,16 Erickson Air Crane Sikorsky S-64F Skycrane N163AC Covered hangar near Intel ramp / "Bubba" / Tanker 731
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air MD-83 N876GA Terminal ramp
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air MD-83 N886GA Terminal ramp
Jan12,16 Allegiant Air Airbus A319 N302NV Terminal ramp
Jan12,16 Swift Air LLC Boeing 737-400 N418US a/w / DOJ ramp
Jan12,16 International Air Response Lockheed C-130A N117TG IAR ramp
Jan12,16 USMC Lockheed C-130 NY 5163 UV Air ramp

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