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2018 Aircraft Movements
at (GYR) Phoenix Goodyear Airport

2018 Charters/Interesting Aircraft at
Phoenix and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
(during each month)
aircraft in red were present on date listed

AeroTurbine maintains a facility at GYR.
Various aircraft are stored at this facility, as well as coming in for routine maintenance.
Our list below shows the current aircraft as we saw them at GYR.  If you would like
a downloadable copy of this list or to see a map of the GYR airport, click here to go to:
GYR Data Page



Plane Type

Registration #



2/03/18AmericanBoeing 757-200N659AA24617ROW-GYR as N659AN
2/02/18UPSBoeing 767-300N364UP33845flt#UPS9130 RJTT-PHX-GYR
1/17/18Cabo Verde AirlinesBoeing 757-200D4-CBP30045flt#TCV6900 RAI-PVD-GYR
1/11/18 Jubba Airways KenyaAirbus A3215Y-JZW535CRA-KEF-BGR-GYR as reg
1/11/18Olympus AirwaysAirbus A321SX-BHT666flt#OLY101F CRA-KEF-BGR-GYR
1/08/18Erickson Aero TankerMD-87N293EA53210SBD-GYR
1/08/18Erickson Aero TankerMD-87N291EA53039SBD-GYR
1/06/18NationalBoeing 757-200N567CA24608flt#NCR972 YYZ-IND-GYR
1/05/18Project OrbisMD-10FN330AU46800flt#ORBIS1 NUQ-GYR
1/04/18Erickson Aero TankerMD-87N295EA53211SBD-GYR as reg
1/04/18AeroleaseBoeing 757-200N314ST22211(SJO)-TUS-GYR as reg
12/27/17 Aerolease Boeing 757-200 N315ST 22611 (SJO)-TUS-GYR as reg
12/20/17 Allegiant Airbus A319 N334NV 2831 CAN-GUM-HNL-GYR as RP-C3195 / departed 1/31/18 GYR-IWA as AAY9334
12/20/17 AeroMexico Connect Embraer E145 XA-ALI 795 flt#8744 MMQT-TUS-GYR
12/13/17 TUI Airways Boeing 767-300 G-OBYE / N661AC 28979 flt#TOM927 EGDX-BGR-GYR
12/12/17 Rossiya Boeing 777-200 VP-BLA 28676 flt#SDM5411 VKO-BGR-GYR / Orenair c/s
12/01/17 Allegiant Airbus A319 N337NV 2170 flt#N337NV EGSS-BIKF-BGR-GYR
11/23/17 Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87 N297EA 53213 departed 2/01/18 GYR-HIO as reg
11/23/17 Sky Angkor Airlines Airbus A320 XU-701 421 flt#SWM1379 VDSR-RJTT-ANC-GYR
11/09/17 American Boeing 757-200 N936UW 27244 flt#AAL9651 PHX-GYR
11/07/17 American Boeing 757-200 N937UW 27245 PHX-GYR
11/05/17 Allegiant Airbus A320 N271NV 2932 EINN-YQX-BGR-GYR as reg
11/03/17 Southwest Boeing 737-300 N632SW 27707 VCV-GYR as reg
10/25/17 Southwest Boeing 737-300 N606SW 27926 VCV-GYR as reg
10/12/17 Vietnam Airlines A330-200 2-AERD 275 (VN-A371) Skyteam colors
10/08/17 Avion Express Airbus A320 LY-VEP 561 flt#NVD9001 EGCC-BIKF-BGR-GYR
10/06/17 American Boeing 757-200 N935UW 27201 flt#AAL9606 PHX-GYR
10/05/17 UPS Boeing 767-300 N362UP 33493 flt#GTI9130 HND-PHX-GYR
Sep20,17 AeroMexico Connect Embraer E145 XA-JLI 426 flt#SLI8744 MMQT-TUS-GYR
Sep08,17 Nordwind Airlines Boeing 777-200 VP-BJB 27606 flt#NWS9802 UUEE-BGR-GYR
Aug05,17 TAME Airbus A319 HC-CMP / N193KD 1934 UIO-TUS-GYR as reg / N193KD 12/18/17
June28,17 Xtra Airways Boeing 737-800 N881XA 30881 flt#CXP8881 OKC-GYR
May16,17 AeroMexico Connect Embraer E145 XA-ELI / N861PB 861 MMCN-LAX-GYR / flt#JTN7145 GYR-SGF 8/02/17 as N861PB / returned 9/29/17
Apr06,17 UPS Boeing 767-300 N363UP 33494 RJTT-PHX-GYR as reg / a/w
Mar09,17 Emirates Boeing 777-300 A6-EMP 29395 UAE2695 DXB-BOS-GYR
Feb06,17 Songbird Airways Boeing 737-400 N417XA 25417 SGB8417 MIA-GYR
Jan09,17 TransAsia Airways Airbus A321 N746QQ 746 UHPP-ANC-GYR as reg
Dec16,16 Air Indus Boeing 737-300 N901AS 27469 BRU-KEF-YQX-PSM-STL-GYR / still present 5/17
Nov20,16 Rossiya Boeing 777-200 VQ-BNU 29908 VKO-BGR-GYR / Orenair c/s
Sept30,16 American Boeing 757-200 N910AW 24523 flt#AAL9635 PHX-GYR
Apr07,16 United Boeing 757-200 N548UA 25396 flt#UAL2142 SFO-PHX; missing 7/3/16; departed 7/7/16 GYR-BFI as UAL2197; returned 7/18/16 as UAL2195 BFI-GYR
Oct29,15 United Boeing 757-200 N545UA 25323 flt#UAL2196 LAX-GYR
Sept24,15 United Boeing 757-200 N522UA 24931 flt#UAL2182 SFO-GYR
Aug05,15 United Boeing 757-200 N516UA 24860 flt#UAL2184 SFO-GYR; in field 8/30/15
Dec20,14 China Southern Boeing 777-200 B-2057 27604 flt#CSN2003 ZGGG-HNL-GYR
Dec20,14 Vim Airlines Boeing 757-200 N757MQ 25436 arrived 12/8/14 EINN-BGR-GYR as reg; on ramp 1/9/15; in field 3/8/15 / still present in the field
Mar08.13 X L Airways Airbus A320 F-GKHK 343 arrived 2/26/13 CHR-CDG-KEF-BGR-GYR; in field 4/20/13
Feb11,11 American MD-82 N451AA 49477 arrived 2/07/11 as AAL9619 TUL-GYR / n/t / in field 5/29/11 / on ramp 6/26/11; in field 7/9/11



Boeing 747-300



tail c/s-n/t; flt#CRL70 LFPO-PHX then PHX-GYR on 7/03/07; moved 7/8/07; moved 8/26/07; inboard engines removed 9/9/07; all engines removed 9/23/07-moved to field


Pyramid Oil Co

Douglas DC-7



stored; moved to opposite field 11/15/03; moved to Aero Turbine ramp 7/05/08; moved to field 4/3/09

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