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  Business Jets & Props at PHX
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This page is a listing of some of the many business jets & props we see here at Phoenix. Many aircraft tend to take up residence for a few days or even weeks at PHX. We don't add those everyday, since there are too many to consistently list. However, we list each aircraft the first day it's seen. We've selected just a few of the major corporations seen here at PHX each month. We also have several resident aircraft which can be seen at PHX on almost a daily basis.  These aircraft may not be listed on here all the time as well.

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page topNovember2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Nov28,15Cessna 402XB-BHZ
Nov27,15Cessna 680XA-CRS
Nov25,15Onni AirwaysGulfstream VC-GUGU
Nov22,15Airsprint IncCessna 525C-FASW
Nov13,15I.M.P. Group LtdBombardier BD-100C-FCSI
page topOctober2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Oct27,15Learjet 75XA-MBT
Oct27,15The Futura CorporationBombardier CL-600C-FASD
page topSeptember2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Sept26,15Learjet 45XA-JRS
Sept23,15Air Alsie-Lego Systems A/SFalcon 2000LXSOY-CKK
Sept21,15Onni AirwaysBombardier CL-600C-GIXI
Sept11,15FAI rent-a-jetBombardier CL-600D-AFAA
Sept05,15Sunwest Aviation LtdBombardier CL-600C-GTJO
Sept03,15Saults & Pollard Real Estate LtdLearjet 45C-FPBX
Sept01,15Cessna 525XA-AVX
page topAugust2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Aug27,15Skyservice Business Aviation IncBombardier CL-600C-FRCI
Aug26,15Jetport IncIAI Astra SPXC-FRJZ
page topJuly2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
July31,15London Air Services LimitedBombardier CL-600C-FHYL
page topJune2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
June27,15Onni AirwaysBombardier CL-600C-GIXI
June19.15Beech 400AXA-FLX
June17,15Vista JetBombardier BD-7009H-VJG
June16,15Vista JetBombardier BD-7009H-VJH
June09,15Onni AirwaysGulfstream G-VC-GUGU
page topApril2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Apr11,15Go-Ahead Aviation LLCFalcon 900VP-BEH
Apr06,15Skyservice Business AviationBombardier CL-600C-GZUM
page topMarch2015
DateCompany NameAircraft TypeRegistration #Comments
Mar29,15Aeropycsa SABombardier CL-600XA-SOR
Mar23,15Bombardier BD-100XA-VFV
Mar21,15CAT AviationFalcon 7XHB-JST
Mar08,15Learjet 60C6-ZIP
Mar03,15Cessna 680XA-FUD
Mar03,15Hawker 400XPXA-MEX
Mar03,15Aviation CMP IncLearjet 45C-GCMP
Mar01,15State of SonoraRockwell 690CXC-CEN
page top February2015
Date Company Name Aircraft Type Registration # Comments
Feb28,15 SAS Aviation Holdings LLC EMB-135BJ N660JM
Feb21,15 Meregrass Inc Saab 2000 N814BB
Feb14,15 Jetport Inc Bombardier CL-600 C-FHRL
Feb13,15 Executive Air Craft Ltd Learjet 36A C-FCLJ
Feb13,15 NetJets Transportes Aereos Gulfstream V-SP CS-DKI
Feb05,15 Jet Aviation Business Jets AG Global 5000 VP-CPT
Feb04,15 Helijet International Inc Learjet 31A C-GHJU
Feb02,15 Abelag Aviation Falcon 7X OO-EJA
Feb02,15 Albatros Aircraft Corp Cessna 525C C-GLUV
Feb02,15 Euclid Aviation Inc Beech 400A XA-AMY
Feb01,15 Personas y Paquetes Por Aire SA Learjet 40 XA-USP
Feb01,15 Aviacion Comercial de America Falcon 7X XA-CXW
Feb01,15 Chartright Air Inc Cessna 560 C-GKZM
Feb01,15 Aero J L SA Learjet 35 XA-ORO
Feb01,15 IAI XA-CHY
Feb01,15 Ovweland Air LLC Cessna 525C N1440W
Feb01,15 Gateway Aviation Inc Cessna 750 N610RT
Feb01,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Bombardier BD-700 N109QS
Feb01,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Cessna 560XL N594QS
Feb01,15 J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Cessna 750 N750DX
Feb01,15 Oxbow Aviation Leasing LLC Cessna 750 N758CX
Feb01,15 NJI Sales Inc Gulfstream G550 N528QS
Feb01,15 Las Vegas Sands Corp Gulfstream G-IV N886LS
Feb01,15 Las Vegas Sands Corp Gulfstream G-IV N883LS
Feb01,15 Vineste LLC Learjet 60 N21NV
Feb01,15 NetJets Sales Inc Cessna 750 N952QS
Feb01,15 P K Aire Inc Gulfstream G-IV N144PK
Feb01,15 Maverick Air LLC Falcon 2000LX N1C
Feb01,15 GeoDuck Aviation II LLC Challenger 3000 N731DC
Feb01,15 Warbler I LLC Gulfstream G550 N505D
Feb01,15 Air Travel Inc Falcon 2000 N770MP
Feb01,15 KP Aviation Management LLC Cessna 650 N650KP
Feb01,15 Warner Communications LLC Gulfstream G550 N76RP
Feb01,15 N444SS LLC Gulfstream G-IV N726RW
Feb01,15 NetJets Sales Inc Cessna 550 N693QS
Feb01,15 Global Flight Inc Bombrdier 2000 N162QS
Feb01,15 Bank of Utah EMB-135BJ N580ML

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Company Name

Aircraft Type

Registration #


Jan31,15 WBF Aircraft Management Inc Bombardier CL-600 N605AB
Jan31,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Gulfstream 200 N730QS
Jan31,15 Bank of Utah Falcon 900EX N940CL
Jan31,15 Executive Airshare Corp Embraer EMB-505 N340AS
Jan31,15 Real Air Leasing LLC Falcon 2000EX N500R
Jan31,15 WWE Jet Services Inc Bombardier BD-700 N247WE
Jan31,15 Earth Star Inc Gulfstream G-VSP N900ES
Jan31,15 XOJET INC Cessna 750 N706XJ
Jan31,15 Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC Gulfstream G-IVX N65HD
Jan31,15 Bedford Transportation LLC Bombardier BD-100 N766QS
Jan31,15 John Miller Aviation LLC Cessna 560 N470DP
Jan31,15 JS Leasing LLC Bombardier BD-100 N992DC
Jan31,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Cessna 560XL N603QS
Jan31,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Gulfstream G-VSP N785QS
Jan31,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Cessna 560XL N691QS
Jan31,15 Fisher Controls International LLC Falcon 50 N850EP
Jan31,15 NJI Sales Inc Gulfstream G-V N528QS
Jan31,15 Radical Ventures LLC Gulfstream G-V N718MC
Jan31,15 Bank of Utah Gulfstream G-VSP N10XG
Jan31,15      Parker-Hannifin Corp Cessna 680 N158PH
Jan31,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Falcon 2000 N255QS
Jan31,15 Blue Kestrel Operations LLC Bombardier BD-100 N10EF
Jan31,15 Pleasant Aircraft Leasing LLC Gulfstream G-IVX N851CB
Jan31,15 Transportacion Aerea del Mar de Cortes Bombardier BD-100 XA-JGT
Jan31,15 Mitsubishi MU-300 XB-CTC
Jan31,15 Hawker 800XP XA-JUL
Jan31,15 Skyservice Business Aviation Inc Bombardier CL-600 C-GDLI
Jan31,15 Aviation Starlink Inc Falcon 2000EX C-GOAB
Jan31,15 Onni Airways Ltd Bombardier CL-600 C-GIXI
Jan30,15 Image Air Charter Ltd Falcon 900 C-FWKX
Jan30,15 Aerotresalia Bombardier BD-100 XA-LLA
Jan30,15 AeroFrisco Falcon 900 XA-TEL
Jan30,15 The Futura Corporation Bombardier CL-600 C-FASD
Jan30,15 Chartright Air Inc Bombardier CL-600 C-GFLU
Jan30,15 Jetlease LLC Learjet 60 N773SW
Jan30,15 WM Aviation LLC Learjet 60 N849WC
Jan30,15 Fly FHW LLC Gulfstream G150 N888YC
Jan30,15 Nexus Executive Services LLC Bombardier CL-600 N604AF
Jan30,15 Xpress Air Inc Learjet 45 N45XP
Jan30,15 WBF Aircraft Management Inc Bombardier CL-600 N605AB
Jan30,15 Franklin Mountain Assets II LLC Gulfstream G280 N280PF
Jan30,15 Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc Gulfstream G-IVX N202VZ
Jan30,15 Nantworks LLC Gulfstream G-VI N278L
Jan30,15 NJI Sales Inc Gulfstream G-IVX N450QS
Jan30,15 Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc Gulfstream G-IVX N908VZ
Jan30,15 Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc Gulfstream G-IV N212VZ
Jan30,15 GC Air LLC Gulfstream G-IV N305CF
Jan30,15 Wilmington Trust Co Bombardier CL-600 N691CC
Jan30,15 Hip Air LLC Bombardier BD-100 N772JS
Jan30,15 Aviacorp Corp Bombardier BD-100 N31CA
Jan30,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Hawker 800XP N871QS
Jan30,15 Net Jets Sales Inc Cessna 750 N990QS
Jan29,15 DSWA LLC Bombardier BD-700 N904DS
Jan29,15 Chargers Football Co LLC Gulfstream G-V N70AG
Jan29,15 Blue Star Management Services Corp Gulfstream G-V N1DC
Jan29,15 TSTC LLC Gulfstream G-IV-X N18NY
Jan29,15 Greenfield Aviation LLC Gulfstream G-IV N900EG
Jan29,15 N543AM LLC Learjet 35A N453AM
Jan29,15 XYZ LEASING LLC Learjet 60 N875CA
Jan29,15 N767CJ LLC Bae 125 N600MV
Jan29,15 N411FG LLC Learjet 45 N411FG
Jan29,15 Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc Gulfstream G-IV-X N917VZ
Jan29,15 JBW Aircraft Leasing Co Inc Bombardier CL-600 N225N
Jan29,15 Hampton Airways Inc Cessna 750 N84PJ
Jan29,15 Bear Cub Aviation LLC Falcon 900EX N990WM
Jan29,15 NJI Sales Inc Gulfstream G-VSP N529QS
Jan29,15 Red Hawk Aviation LLC Gulfstream 200 N322AD
Jan29,15 Axin Leasing Inc HS 125 N927LL
Jan29,15 Csc Trust Co Of Delaware Cessna 560 N243SL
Jan29,15 Jet Aviation Gulfstream G-IV N721KJ
Jan29,15 Corporate Air LLC Cessna 750 N750DX
Jan29,15 Pilot Corp Falcon 50 N715CB
Jan29,15 JOOJ LLC EMB-500 N7913M
Jan29,15 Midamerican Energy Co Falcon 900EX N94UT
Jan29,15 1915 Holdings LLC Gulfstream G-IV N207AA
Jan29,15 Accent Stripe INC Cessna 750 N750GB
Jan29,15 SDY Leasing LLC Falcon 2000 N306BH
Jan29,15 Lockheed Martin Corp Gulfstream 200 N402LM
Jan29,15 Liautaud Development Group LLC Bombardier BD-700 N83FF
Jan29,15 Clos De Berry Leasing Ltd Falcon 2000 N722JB
Jan29,15 Avjet Corp Gulfstream G-VSP N356WW
Jan29,15 Rendezvous Air Services LLC Gulfstream G-VI N747SC
Jan29,15 Advanced Air Management Bombardier BD-700 N755RA
Jan24,15 USAF Beech T-1A 93-0638
Jan21,15 Onni Airways Ltd Bombardier CL-600 C-GIXI
Jan18,15  AFD Petroleum Ltd IAI 1124 C-FAPK
Jan17,15 Dax Air Enterprises Inc Pilatus PC-12 C-FDLV
Jan17,15 U S Navy Beech T-44A 160984 Centennial of Naval Aviation paint scheme
Jan15,15 Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca Beech 200 FAG 704
Jan12,15 TAG Aviation Asia Bombardier CL-600 M-AAES
Jan10,15 Del Bajio and Pitic Services Cessna 550 XA-USS
Jan03,15 State of Sonora Rockwell 690B XC-HMO
Jan03,15 State of Sonora Rockwell 690C XC-CEN


TAG Aviation Asia

Bombardier BD-700


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