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Many companies operate Air Ambulance services to and from
PHX and IWA. Arizona is a rather large State with many remote
communities and aircraft have become an important part of the
medical scene. Several aircraft are based in Arizona and many
others visit PHX and IWA frequently.  
Look for these aircraft at Swift or the Cutter ramp on the south side of PHX,
while others may be seen on the General Aviation or Native ramp at IWA.
Air Evac maintains an operations base at PHX as well as Native Air having their base at IWA.

Updated 02/17/24
-- Added updated Guardian Air Photos (N62GA)

Air Evac (4 Photos)

Guardian Air Photos (N62GA)

KRMC Guardian Air


Native American PC-12 (2 Photos)

Native American Caravan

Sun Care (2 photos)

Eagle Air Med

Critical Care International

Air Care 2

Life Flight

Global Life Flight

Lifeguard 3

Mercy Medical Center Redding

Schaefer Ambulance Service

Classic Aeromedical (2 Photos)

Air Care (2 Photos)



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